Utility Bills

Thank you for your interest!

Every solar system that we design and install is custom-tailored to your electric usage and property.

You Get (within 24-48 Hours)

Detailed solar proposal with:

  • Cost / Savings Analysis

    • Cost / Incentives
    • Payback Period
    • Financing Options
  • Proposed Solar Design

    • Design containing where we propose to install solar panels on your roof
    • Equipment specifications
  • Warranty Info

To Begin…

We need your past electric usage data and property address to design your custom solar proposal.

  1. Click here to give us access to your electric usage data. No personal data is shared with us.
  2. Please send us a copy of your electric bill. Please make sure the following is visible so that we can prepare your hassle-free detailed proposal:
    • Homeowner Name & Address
    • Usage (look for kWh) and usage history (look for graph)


Still lost?

Give us a call or send us a text message at 844-704-7336 and we’ll guide you or find your utility company and see instructions below:


  • Go to page with ELECTRIC USAGE
  • It has history graph and current usage numbers

Southern California Edison

  • Current period kWh usage number should be on the Front page
  • Page 2-4 will contain a graph with historical usage data.
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