FREE CONSULTATION & PROPOSAL Thinking about solar? The first step is to book a no strings attached consultation. We will assess your property and analyze your current electric usage (and discuss potential future changes in usage) and prepare a proposal that will include a solar panel design, power generation numbers, cost, incentives, warranties, and applicable finance options.


SITE AUDIT & BLUEPRINTS After you decide to begin the process, we'll coordinate a thorough site audit and inspect your roof, electrical systems, etc. to ensure they are compatible with your solar system and do not require any upgrades. We then draft your solar plans / blueprints and send them to you for you to review and approve prior to submitting them to your local building and safety dep't for a permit.
Solar Blueprints


PERMITING & INSTALLATION Your local building and safety dep't will review the plans and issue a building permit. Once that is obtained, we proceed to coordinate your solar installation! Our expert installation team typically completes solar installations in 1-2 days!


SYSTEM ACTIVATION & TRAINING Upon passing final city inspection, we submit your interconnection application to your utility company and request permission to interconnect and operate the system. Once they review and approve the application, you receive PTO (permission to operate) and we coordinate a day to walk you through system operation.
Activation & Training
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